“Ray Partridge is a true expert in his field, both in the way he navigates around technology and the way he makes it so easy for music teachers to adopt. His friendly approach and everlasting patience makes him the perfect presenter and technology coach”.


Samantha Coates. Author and publisher of Blitz Books.


“I have relied on Ray Partridge for training and technical support for over 20 years in my print music publishing business. He is an excellent and very patient teacher. I can’t speak highly enough of his integrity as a person and his ability as a teacher.”

Ed Wilson. Owner of Wilson Publishing and The Ed Wilson Big Band.


“It is so rare to find someone with Ray’s knowledge, experience and calm professionalism working in music technology these days. Ray has helped me for over 15 years now in everything from choosing my first music software programs in the mid ‘90s right up to to the present day when I still reguarly contact him to ask advice on music technology matters. Ray is truly an expert in his field and a hell of a nice bloke as well. I can not recommend him highly enough!”


Andy Firth. One of the finest clarinet and saxophone players on the music scene today. A gifted composer and a dedicated educator.


“Ray Partridge provides valuable and succinct information that can be understood by the illiterate computer layman and no question is regarded as being too trivial. He takes sufficient time of his own to make sure any issues are rectified and further support is always only a phone call away. Ray has a personable professional approach to both staff and students, and his knowledge of many Music software programmes is very informative allowing for greater exploration of the programme. ”

Philip Harper. Band Director. Music Department. PLC Croydon.


“Ray Partridge is very knowledgeable in the field of Music Technology and has assisted me over the last 4 years in my role as coordinator. He has a genuine passion for his field and this is evident through the enjoyment that the students have in his tutorials. Ray is always available to help out when we need assistance and has always done this with a smile. His knowledge not only of Music Software but computer hardware has been very informative and professional every time. I highly recommend Ray to anyone and look forward to working with him as technology progresses”

Belinda Angilletta. Performing Arts Coordinator. St Patrick’s College, Strathfield.


“Ray Partridge has a proven track record of support for music in independent and diocesan Catholic schools in Sydney over the past thirteen years.  He has comprehensive knowledge of new and emerging music technology and how it can be used in the classroom.  Ray’s in-servicing of both students and staff is stage appropriate and he has the ability to cater to all learning needs from beginners to advanced users.  I recommend Ray Partridge to you unconditionally”

James Long.  Music Advisor CaSPA (Catholic Schools Performing Arts)