Questions Answered

  • What software is available for me, a private studio teacher.

There are a number of great software packages for the private studio (and classroom) teacher.

Click here to see a few of my favourites.

  • How do I create a feathered beam in Sibelius?

To create a feathered beam, select the first note of the beamed group of notes,Sib Feathered 1

then navigate to the third Keypad layout , and then choose the desired type of       feathered beam.

Sib Feathered 2

All of the notes in the beamed group must be ofthe same duration for Sibelius to display a feathered beam.

  • How do I change the order of instruments in my Sibelius score?

The easiest way to do this is to use the shortcut to access the ‘instruments’ page. Press the letter ‘I’ on your keyboard. Then click on the instrument on the right hand side of the page that you would like to adjust, click on the ‘move up’ or ‘move down’ buttons tp place them in your desired order.

  • How do I change the tempo and create an ‘accel’ in Acid?

This is done by clicking on the ‘Insert’ menu and then selecting ‘Insert time, key and tempo’. Select your initial tempo of your song (say 120 beats per minute), choose the location as Bar 1, Beat 1 and then place a tick in the tempo box. Click OK. Then open the same menu again and this time, select the location where you would like the accel to start. Choose 120 bpm again. Finally, open the same menu again and select the location where you would like to accel to finish (say 4 bars on in your song). Choose your desired tempo (say 160 bpm) and click OK.

  • Can I edit movie clips in Acid Music Studio?

No. You can only work with previously edited movies. You may shorten a clip but that’s all. I would recommend using a video editing program (i movie, movie maker, sony vages) to edit the movie.

*Note. MixCraft does allow some editing of movie clips.

  • I can’t find the Halion sounds in Cubase Artist?

This could be either they have not been installed correctly or the student ‘log in’ does not have the appropriate ‘privileges’ to access the sounds. Please call me to chat about this further.

  • How do I get Finale to playback markings and ornaments.

Finale will play back all the markings, dynamics and ornaments in a score.

The PDF answer is here.

The YouTube video answer is here.

  • Some sounds are missing when I playback a score in Sibelius.

A teacher was concerned that she was only hearing 2 of the 4 sounds in  her  student’s score in Sibelius 7 using the Sibelius 7 sounds for a more realistic playback. This is a common problem.So, after checking that all mixer levels were up and no tracks were muted, we checked to see whether all of the Sibelius 7 sounds had in fact been installed on the computers.

It turned out that they had not installed due to the amount of hard drive space they would occupy. However, the IT staff were very supportive and installed all the sounds which are always located on the ‘additional content’ disks included in the Sibelius 7 package. Now all tracks playback as they should.