Creating an instrumental tutorial and warm up using the Exercise Wizard.

The pdf of the tutorial is here.

The video of the tutorial is here

Are you looking to find a range of suitable ‘warm up’ music and exercises that can be used to give you and your student a ‘different’ start to the lesson? Finding an endless supply of ‘new’ music’ to get your students to use as a warm up is tricky. However, Finale has a ‘hidden gem’ which I find awesome for creating ‘warm up’ exercises for my instrumental students. Great for ‘sight reading’ practice as well.

And…. any exercise that you create in Finale can be opened using the FREE downloadable version of Finale Notepad. Your students can now open your prepared exercises at home and ‘practice’. They even playback as well!!

So, let’s take the following scenario. You have a small group trumpet tutorial coming up in 10 minutes and you would like to prepare a ‘warm up’ exercise for them (something a little bit different).

In Finale, there is a button on the opening window (the launch Window) called ‘Exercise Wizard’. You will use this to open up a huge range of scales, arpeggios, intervals, twisters, jazz riffs and rhythm tests.

I have prepared a printable pdf tutorial on ths as well as a video.

The pdf  tutorial is here and the video tutorial is here