Band in a Box

Extracting Chords from an audio file using the ‘Audio Chord Wizard’ in Band in a Box

Click here for the video tutorial Part 1 and  here for the video tutorial Part 2.

The Audio chord wizard function is a little ‘gem’ in the software program called ‘Band in a Box’.
band in a Box has been around almost forever and was originally designed to create instant accompaniments and backing tracks.
Whilst the early versions included only a ‘handful’ of styles, the more recent versions come with hundreds of styles with variations, real instruments sounds, lesson features, aural and theory games for students (watch out for my Tutorial on this in a later issue), AND the Audio Chord Wizard feature.

So what does it do…..

  • It simply plays an audio file (wav, mp3 or CD track),
  • listens to the frequencies in the track,
  • determines the various pitches played,
  • tries to make sense of those pitches to determine what chord is being played,
  • then identifies ‘strong’ beats to create an appropriate tempo, and finally
  • create a chord track

…..all in a matter of seconds!!

No, it will not notate the wave file (that would be nice, though!). But the possibilities are fantastic. Imagine, no more ‘stop/start’ of a cd track and anguishing over what chord is being played.